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Pediatric Medical Care At A Convenient Time

After Hours Kids always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. Please read what others are saying about After Hours Kids below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

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So thankful for the kind and compassionate staff at AHK. Pam is so sweet and thorough and was able to diagnose our little guy and get him on the road to feeling better. This clinic is such a great blessing and resource to Austin!

Clyde M.

After Hours Kids is a godsend. When the pediatrician’s office is closed, knowing AHK is there for our kids makes us feel confident that care is almost always available!

John C.

Friendly and helpful staff. Great with visiting a quick rapport with my 4 year old which helped her cooperate more easily.

Aiden K.

Very thorough. Explained things well. Good explanations of our options. I was happy that the staff had a sense of humor about our situation. It helped a lot.

Lucy H.

Great service at a time when you need it. Love the After Hours Clinic!

David S.

Fantastic kind help in a less than fantastic situation.

Jake M.

I truly appreciate the time and energy of the staff during after hours care. My son received the care that he needed!

Jason S.

Great experience from start to finish. Impressed with the covid prevention measures they put in place. My son was seen within an hour of calling to schedule an appointment. PA quickly (but thoroughly) addressed the issue and we were on our way within 20 minutes!

Archer L.

Explained testing that needed to take place and talked about concerns.

Britt H.

Quickly brought back to a room and we were seen in an efficient manner. Nurse practitioner listened well to concerns and explained everything in a thoughtful manner. Very happy with our experience.

Monica A.

Excellent interaction – dealt with us quickly and compassionately.

Avery D.

It’s a godsend to have weekend and evening appointments available. They are easy to schedule online. I’ve always been very happy with the providers, the facilities (on-site labs, fun patient rooms), and short wait times.

Kiren K.

We had a great experience!

Marit P.


Journey J.

We’ve been PAA patients for almost 3 years, but this was our first time using After Hours Kids. What an incredible experience. They answered the phone right when I called and booked us for a 6:30 PM appointment, saving us an ER trip (and probably hundreds of dollars). We saw a practitioner we recognize and were able to book a follow-up with our normal pediatrician that night for later in the week. We love the practice for a million reasons, and AHK is one of them!

Lea B.

Amazing! service was quick and professional

Margaret M.

We have one kiddo who is generally healthy and one kiddo who gets sick (a lot), so feels like we are frequent fliers here sometimes. The doctors and NPs take great care of our 1yo when we need after hours care – saving us a nerve-wracking night or trip to the ER. We always leave these appointments reassured and with great guidance on how our kiddo is doing.

Melvin H.

Excellent care. Super easy to get an appointment. Wonderful and fun space that puts kids at ease.

Tamea B.

Courtney was so warm, friendly, professional, and helpful!

Allison E.

We had a wonderful experience at After Hours Kids. The entire staff was incredibly kind and helpful. The nurse practitioner, Pamela, was very thorough and answer all of my questions with great detail. Loved her bedside manner with me and my baby!

Marsha F.

We have seen Pam and always been amazed at her care and attention to detail to my children. She pierced my daughters ears and was sweet, professional, and went over the top and taking care of her! She is always calm in the mist of a stressful situation and I am forever grateful. I could not recommend her more.

Tasha H.

We had a great experience with After Hours Kids! First off, I was just thankful that they exist and have an evening hours option for my kids. I was able to make a same-day appointment, there was no lengthy wait times, and they were able to provide us with a solution to our problem. I would highly recommend them to others!

Goldyn D.

We are so fortunate to have a place like After Hours Kids to go when our kiddos are sick, and too sick to wait until the next day. Pam is wonderful, and so is the rest of the staff. I can’t give enough stars!

Juliana K.

We recently came to the after hours clinic when my daughter had a headache so bad she was vomiting. They had no problem getting us in when we got there 30 minutes before closing. But the best part was that everyone was so kind and caring. They’re 3 times farther away from our house than our normal pediatrician but if the physicians and staff during the “standard” office hours are as wonderful as the after hours staff, I think we’re changing pediatricians.

Autumn A.

After Hours Kids is truly one of the best things since sliced bread. High quality care provided at a convenient time of day (I don’t have to miss meetings and/or pull my daughter out of school to be seen). My daughter has consistently had such positive experiences (kind and competent staff) at the clinic, that she, actually, looks forward to going, in sickness and in health.

Melanie M.

We only visit the After Hours Kids during highly stressful times, when we cannot wait until the next day. However, we always leave feeling much more relaxed, confident that we have a good plan for addressing the problem and we feel heard. The nurse practitioner is so patient and gives us plenty of time to think about questions we want to ask. We also feel that the exam is incredibly thorough.

Melissa R.

From the initial phone call until we left at 11pm, the entire staff was amazing. Very attentive, caring and thorough. Definitely would recommend this place.

Stacy B.

Scheduling an appointment was simple and we were seen on time. The staff was friendly and answered all of our questions.

Jeanette F.

The NPs at After Hours Kids are so knowledgeable and patient, and the entire staff is accommodating and kind.

M B.

Kid had strep and we needed to get him to the DR before a weekend out of town. After Hours Kids got the job done.

Nathan W.

The clinic saw us right at closing time and treated us with the utmost gentleness, care and respect. I couldn’t have been more thankful in an urgent situation concerning my daughter.

Colette L.

It’s a relief to have weekend access to high-quality care.

Josie K.

The staff was friendly and got us in and out quickly.

Louis W.

The staff were informative and helped us understand what we needed to do to help our toddler recover from dehydration (and avoid going to the ER). They also gave us clear parameters so that we understood when we had to stop trying to resolve this on our own and needed to take her to the ER. We also appreciated their patience and kindness during this stressful time.

Ave R.

Pam is awesome!

Ellis W.

Pay is the best NP at Pediatric Associates. We have seen her several times and she has been awesome

Cora W.

Attentive staff and wonderful care provided.

Meredith C.

Helped ensure our child was ok without having to go to the ER at night. So thankful for after hours care.

Zoey D.

Efficient, convenient, friendly, and great care.

Eliza M.