Drowning Prevention

Dr. Arnaout writes:
On her popular Facebook feed (https://www.facebook.com/DrDianeArnaout/) Dr. Arnaout discusses a topic we must keep at top of mind at all times, especially in the summer when swimming is such a common activity to keep us out of the Texas heat.  We love her idea for group gatherings where adults rotate being the lifeguard on duty in 15 minute increments, representing they are “on duty” by wearing a special bracelet or other recognized item.  This adult’s only job during the time “on duty” is watching those in the water; nothing could be more important than protecting someone from drowning.  
Dr. Arnaout writes:
“I write this post every year.  This year I’m writing it earlier and more urgently than I have in the past.  Kids are drowning.
Cook Children’s has seen more drownings in the first 4 months of 2022 compared to the 5 years prior.  You guys. 17 drowning patients, and three kids have died. And it’s not even summer yet.  11 of the drownings occurred in swimming pools, 1 in a hot tub, and 5 in bathtubs.
This past weekend, the weather was super warm, so we had friends over to swim.  Whenever you have people over, or heck, whenever you don’t have people over – someone needs to be assigned with the task of watching the kids in the pool – and yes this even includes the tiny inflatable kiddie pools.
You can’t assume someone is watching them. You have to KNOW.
Cook Children’s has these awesome “Lifeguard Your Child” wristbands and lanyards that we always keep in our house.  Whoever wears it is assigned the task of watching the kids. They are the lifeguard.  It’s their job for the 15-20 min they’re assigned. Then, we trade off to someone else.  When people get together, there’s drinking, music, food preparation – it’s the perfect opportunity for a kid to wander into the water as the adults are preoccupied.  Having an assigned lifeguard means there is an undistracted person watching at all times.
You can get these at my office, and at many other offices throughout the Cook network.  OR – just decorate a spangly bracelet, scrunchie, or necklace yourself, and explain the assignment to the wearer.


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