Why is there a $30 Convenience Fee?


AFTER HOURS KIDS is a pediatric convenient care clinic staffed by Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners as an after hours extension to Pediatric Associates of Austin, P.A. We are not an Emergency Center nor an Urgent Care Center and, therefore, do not collect the higher co-pays that these type of centers usually charge. Although it is more expensive to operate an after hours clinic seven days a week, insurance companies will not reimburse After Hours Kids for any added cost.

After Hours Kids utilizes a full laboratory operated by licensed Registered Nurses.  All the lab work is done on-site with results while you wait.  In addition, when indicated, cultures are run on quick strep and urine tests so that we can more accurately ensure that no infection is present.  If the culture returns a positive result when the quick test was negative, then a prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy along with a follow-up call to you.  We will also notify your primary care physician. The cost for these services are not adequately covered by insurance companies.

At After Hours Kids, our goal is to provide high quality, pediatric acute care at a convenient time in a non-emergency room environment. Our providers specialize in pediatric care who provide a personal, relaxed encounter with your child.

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