Constipation occurs when stools become hard and infrequent, causing pain with passage.

Without constipation, we expect:


Normal Stools and Normal Behaviors



There are some less common causes of chronic constipation that may require additional evaluation, treatment, and referrals. These cases will be discussed further by your provider.


Treatment and what to expect

1. Diet and stooling techniques



Children and Teens


2. Stool Softeners:

If a change in diet doesn't help, you can add a stool softener. The stool softener we recommend most often is Miralax.  It usually works within 8-12 hours but often needs to be continued for weeks or months.  Occasionally, in addition to a stool softener, we will also recommend a 3 day bowel cleanout.  Your provider will let you know if that is also recommended. 


Call If...

⦁ Constipation lasts more than 1 week after making changes to diet

⦁ You think your child needs to be seen

⦁ Your child becomes worse


AHK Advanced Practice Provders Our AHK APP's include: Annie Croft, Pam Dietrich, Erin Moore, and Nikki Nutter,

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